Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gavin's First Hockey Practice

Gavin's first hockey practice was a much awaited for event in the Jones family. Not sure who was more excited about this day, Kevin or Gavin.

Monday night they drove to the ice rink to pick up the hockey gear. Gavin already had a lot of his own gear; skates, helmet, shin guards, gloves.Kevin "taught" me how to put on all the gear. For someone who is used to putting on a swimsuit and jumping in the pool, all this gear stuff is so foreign to me.

Gavin was just so thrilled...
So was Kevin...
They were both in heaven. Finally, all suited up.
Tuesday came and Kevin had a meeting in La Jolla, so I loaded up the three kids and drove to the rink, I wonder how many times I will make that drive.
Kevin's meeting ran late so that left me, yes me, to put on all that hockey gear on Gavin. Luckily, I met a very helpful hockey mom. She showed me how to tape what and where. After about 30 minutes he was all dressed and on his way.
Kevin still wasn't there so Gavin was on his own. He walked onto the ice and fell. Poor guy, he was happy though. A coach swept him up and dropped him off in the middle of the ice with other kids falling all over the place. The coaches started teaching him how to stand up on his own. He was getting it. Kevin came about 10 minutes late. I felt much better once he was there.
(I know, I'm out of focus. I'm not a photographer. I was proud of myself for figuring out how to turn the flash off)

He really started getting the hang of it. Here they are practicing rolling onto their bellies.

Gavin was exhausted by the time practiced ended. His little under armor shirt was so sweaty and it smelled. When we got home I couldn't make dinner fast enough. He ate probably three times as what he normally eats. I love my little hockey man!
I think I'm officially a... HOCKEY MOM!

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