Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Cookies and Crafts, Oh My!

I love Halloween. So every year I try to do fun things with the kids to celebrate. I try to scale back but I always seem to take it over the top, but I can't help it... It's just too much fun!

Marilyn saw this craft in a magazine and got all the stuff for the kids to do it. Spray paint a straw wreath black and then glue candy corn to it. Hannah used the hot glue gun for the first time and did really well. She burned her little fingers once or twice, but so do I.
We invited our new friends over, Faye and Murphy. Faye is going to have a baby in a few weeks and Little Murphy LOVES hockey. He and Gavin play in our empty living room and dining room whenever he is over for a play date.
We made sugar cookies and decorated them.
They turned out a bit scary, but it goes with the territory (kids making food and Halloween).

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