Sunday, October 17, 2010


When I heard my cousin, Whitney, was getting married I knew I would be there no matter what. With a crazy summer I never got around to purchasing a plane ticket, so that left one option... driving. I really wanted the whole family to go, but it was the end of the quarter so Kevin was unable to miss work. That left me and the three kiddos.
I tried to break up the drive as much as I could.
Wednesday: we drove to Burbank and spent the night.
Thursday: We got a good Grandma breakfast complete with fresh squeezed OJ. We drove to Modesto to visit the Divis Family, some old friends from our Lakewood days. The kids had a blast with their kids.The Divis family converted their 3-car garage into the ultimate wrestling training facility. It was a great place to get all the wiggles after a long drive AND before the second leg of our trip.
We had a great time reuniting with our old friends. It was nice to have so much help with the kids. I actually got to enjoy my dinner while Andy and Didi played with Luke.
Friday: Our trip from Modesto to Myrtle Creek had some challenges. I got a speeding ticket going 80 mph in a 70 mph. Urgh...
I thought I was going to kill my kids at Subway...
But we made it in one piece to my Grandparent's house in time for some berry picking.
Picking blackberries is one of my FAVORITE things to do and I think my kids love it too.
It was a bit challenging because Luke kept trying to pick the berries, I learned the hard way when his shirt got stuck on the thorns. I had to try to keep my distance.
Gavin picking berries...
Straight to the mouth, no need for him to carry a bag...
Hannah looks so grown up...
We returned with purple mouths and hands...
Only a small bunch of berries that we ate with some whipped cream for dessert.
Saturday: Drove to Salem, checked into the hotel and got ready for the wedding. When I checked in, I asked if I could be near my grandparents. The lady put them in adjoining rooms. Such a blessing.
The Wedding:
The BrideLuke kicking it with my Grandpa.
My Uncle Chris
We had a late lunch with my Aunt and Uncle. My kids got to meet my uncle and see how fun he is. I had a nice visit with my Aunt and got to talk about grown up stuff.
We drove down to the Lake of the Woods to stay at my other Grandparent's place. Luke got to spend some more time with my Grandpa.
Gavin bowled with their diet caffeine free pepsi 2L bottles and equate weight loss shakes.
Hannah checked out my Grandma's jewelery and fabric stash.
We left in the morning...
And drove all day arriving home at midnight from Ashland to Temecula.
It was a great trip. It had it's ups and downs, but I really enjoyed my kids. Hannah was such a great help with Luke.

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Robin said...

Ahhhhmazing. Can't say Id ever have the guts to do a long trip by myself with 3. or 2. well maybe when Rose is older. Anyways that was inspiring to see! haha. we need to get together sometime but where the crap do you live?!