Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finals Finale

Took my last final tonight. I almost had an anurism trying to finish my project that was due today. Luckily in crunch time Kevin totally pulled through for me. He sat there patiently cutting out tiny test tubes and petri dishes so I could paste, yes paste, them into my lab journals. Kevin would cut, Hannah would hand them to me, and I would paste and label. Then Hannah and Gavin picked up all the scraps of paper. I am so happy and very grateful for my family's help today. I would not have been able to finish it without them... well, maybe I would have, but then I wouldn't have gotten to take a shower before I went to school. YIKES!

I'm so happy to be on Christmas break now! I can have a life for a brief moment and be a good mother again.

Thank you Kevin for your support... this was a rough semester, but aren't they all? Somehow we get through it, we always do.


The Peterson's said...

I love all the little helpers with your project! We should go celebrate that the semester is over...I am thinking Yogurtland!.. Or will that not help me loose my quickly gained 6 pounds!!!

The Rex Family said...

Congrats on a finished semester! I signed up for school! I am only taking a few online classes because Glenn still has a CRAZY schedule... but it's a start!!