Thursday, December 11, 2008

Touch Down!!

I'm still alive, but my camera isn't. I wanted to post pictures of Hannah's gingerbread house, but my camera went psycho and.... I just need a new one.
We have been crafting up a storm at the Jones house. It all started with my Black Friday outing.
I woke up at 6:00am and got to JoAnns by 6:15am. Total chaos. I pulled number 53, yes 53!!! to get my fabric cut. This was 6:25am. I bailed and went to another JoAnns. It was heaven there. I got all the flannel I ever wanted! It was on sale for $1.49 a yard. When I went to the register it all totaled to $149.00. I was so confused, did I really buy that much flannel. Oh crap!! When I told Kevin he FLIPED! He said (yelled), "you bought 100 yards of flannel!!! That's a FOOTBALL FIELD!"
I didn't realize how much I had purchased until he said a "football field." Ouch... I had the intention of returning some of it, but I keep using it. I made Hannah and Gavin Christmas rag quilts for their bed and pillow cases. Can't show you because of my camera. My sister-in-law, Rachel, came over yesterday and we finished off the last of the flannel making 2 Christmas rag quilts. We haven't finished the blankets, but they are turning out so cute. I love sewing with Rachel. She probably cut out 100 squares and I sewed them all. We just need to sew the squared together. So I have scored a touchdown, I have used 100 yards of flannel in about 2 weeks.
I would like to appologize to my husband. The house is messy, you are hungry, and running out of clean underware. I'm sorry. When you come home the house will be clean, and your laundry will be folded and put in your drawer. The house will be as it should be. And you can score a touchdown too!


Anie said...

i LOVE craft projects! Yes, they always leave the house looking like a disaster, but all the fun is totally worth it! I want to make a rag quilt!! If only I lived a little closer- I'd be over there doing craft projects with you! Can't wait until your camera's working and you can post pictures of the quilts!!!

The Rex Family said...

Thats a lot of fabric! I am crafty with everything except sewing... I really wish I could sew! Your posts always make me laugh.

The Peterson's said...

Yeah but it was really 100 yards of cute fabric! There is no way to choose (even out of that 100 yards) what to take back! I am glad you used it all & in 2 weeks that's a record in my book!

Kristina said...

too many funny things to laugh about in that post... i'm coming home in a week, i really want to see you!