Monday, April 27, 2009

No Such Thing as a Free Breakfast...

We ran out of milk yesterday (Sunday) and didn't have milk this morning for breakfast.
So I thought, "I'm going to be a cool mom and take my kids to get bagels!"
We left for preschool 20 minutes early to hit up the Starbucks drive thru for 2 bagels, toasted with cream cheese... mmm...
Since I'm not a frequent Starbucks customer, I was unaware of the trap ahead of me.
I turn left into the shopping center, and then... I see lights in my rear view mirror! Oh no!!!
What did I do?
Cell phone.... nope
Seat belt... yes
Kids in carseat... yes
Registration up to date... yes
I couldn't figure out why I was getting pulled over!!!
Well, apparently I crossed a double yellow line to turn left. The cop had to explain it to me because I just didn't understand what he was talking about.

You see... I pulled into the suicide lane and turned left. But in actuality, the suicide lane ended and then I turned left.
My kids were very interested in why mommy got in trouble from the police man. They were absolutely SILENT while the cop was at my window listening to everything.

To make matters worse, after the ticket was written, I got back in the drive thru line to find... they just sold out of bagels!!!! AHHHHH!!!
We went to a different coffee shop down the road, and they just sold out too! I told them my sob story and the guy who just bought all the bagels gave me one.

So all in all... I got a ticket, a free bagel, and a life time of sweet reminders from my children every time we drive by the crime scene, and the best part... one jerk of a husband.


The Peterson's said...

Read you last line of this post and then the title of your next post. It made me laugh. :) Well I am definitely sorry about your ticket, but I love how you got a FREE bagel.. That man was so nice!

KiMnRoB said...

At least you got a bagel?
Was Kevin pissed that you got a ticket? I was w/ Rob once when he got pulled over, for running a red light, and didn't have his license OR proof of insurance w/ him. (I was fuming in the passenger seat, only because if the tables were turned, he would be BEYOND pissed w/ me)
And of course he got out of the ticket. Only him.
And if I haven't told you already, congrats on the new home!

Anonymous said...

Jerk of a husband? Didn't you just finishing saying how awesome he is in your previous post? I'm confused.