Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Once a Marine... Always a Marine

This past weekend we joined my family in San Diego for my brother, Grayson's, graduation from Boot Camp. The first day was family day. People are just plain CRAZY! The parents were 100 times worse than pre-school parents. We kept getting shuttled around the base waiting to see our new Marine. Hannah playing on a "big huge gun" while we waited

Here is the first sight of Grayson we got. It was right before the "Moto Run" (motivational run). They had to run 4 miles before they got to see their family.
Then they changed and marched out for us to see them...
Grayson is the 2nd row, second person
Grayson looked really good. I had been warned by several people that he would be totally different. They were all wrong. He was a funny as ever.

The Branch on base hosted a nice luncheon for the families. It was Mormon cooking in its finest. Pull-pork sandwiches, I think Grayson ate 6 of them, along with a couple of hotdogs, and other side dishes.
The next day was the real graduation. My whole family made it! My mom was REALLY proud of her son!
Congratulations Grayson! I look forward to hanging out with you while you are at Camp Pendleton.

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Robin said...

Grayson looks exactly the same! Weren't we going to set him and B up? Shes still single...