Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Fun

Not much has been going on at the Jones house except trying to adjust. Kevin went back to work last Thursday, it was something that needed to happen to get our life back to normal. On Friday I decided to go to the mall, yes I went all by myself. I talked to Hannah and Gavin Thursday night and told them the plans for Friday. On the way to the mall I told them exactly what we were doing and there were a lot of bribes (or incentives) for them. I had Hannah and Gavin in my jogger and Luke in the sling. It was a success. I ran in and out of three stores looking for an outfit for Luke since I was taking him to Kevin's work Christmas party. Luke slept the whole time and Hannah and Gavin were so good. They played at the play place and we got Hot Dog on a Stick... yummy!
Saturday night we went to Kevin's party. It was a lot of fun!
One of my favorite memories of a little kid is getting cards from my Granny Fitz (my dad's mom). She would send cards for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, just about every holiday you got a card with $1! At Christmas you got $5! Now that I have my own kids I don't get cards anymore, but my kids do! They were so excited to get mail with "dollars" in it.
We have been singing a lot of Christmas songs around here. I love Christmas songs. I even try to get to church on time just so I can sing them!


PlageFille said...

Congrats on your 1st trip alone with all three kids! I remember I was thrilled when my first trip with all 3 went well.

Beth said...

I LOVED the Christmas song!!! And the few words Hannah changed to make the song her own.

The Peterson's said...

Did Hannah say "salmon laid an egg"? I don't think I have heard that rendition before! Very Cute! I am glad that your shopping adventure turned out so well. Merry Christmas to you guys!

Anonymous said...

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