Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hannah is 5!

I can't believe Hannah is 5. It seems like the time has flown by, but then so much has happened.
Birth: Hannah was 9 lbs. 13 oz and was my hardest labor and delivery, 28 HOURS! I remember feeling very overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of a life. The third baby is so much easier! Hannah was a sweet little baby, but a bad sleeper. I enjoyed her very much. I was so eager for her to be able to play. I talked to her all the time.
1 Year Old: Hannah likes to share that she turned 1 in Hawaii. She is dying to go back to Hawaii because as she says, "Hawaii is the beautifulest place on Earth!" Hannah took her first step in Hawaii too! Hannah was my little buddy, we did everything together.
2 Years Old: Hannah became a big sister. She was so good with her little baby brother. When Gavin would cry I would ask Hannah what he needed. She would always reply, "He needs Mommy."
3 Years Old: The beginning of the Princess phase. Hannah LOVED Cinderella. She started pre-school too. She continued to be my little helper. She really grew up and was so independent.
4 Years Old: Hannah became such a big girl. She became totally self-sufficient. She likes to pick out her clothes and dress herself. She is more interested in make-up and asked me for a cell phone. I asked her why she wanted a cell phone, she replied, "So I can call Mamo J whenever I want!" (Kevin's mom). She is such a creative little girl. She is excellent using scissors. I can't believe how well she can cut out shapes.
5 Years Old: This is Hannah building a rock fence along the side of our driveway. She moved about 30 rocks all by herself and put them in a perfect straight row. She got creative half way through her project and tied a rope to a storage container lid. She would put 3 or 4 rocks on the lid and pull them over to her project from the garage. Such a smart little worker. Hannah is able to do things so well that I feel less and less like I need to "fix" it because it's not done well enough. I'm starting to see her controlling personality (wonder where that comes from?) come out. She is particular with how she likes things done, for example... when she brushes her teeth she wants her toothbrush wet, then toothpaste applied, and then wet again (wonder where she gets that too?) My brother, Michael, calls her the mini Courtney. It's wonderful to see your good qualities and scary to see your bad qualities come out in your child.
Happy Birthday Hannah! My sweet little baby girl! You keep our house full of life and energy.


Afton said...

that was the sweetest blog. She is so grown up-Happy Birthday Hannah!

Anie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!! I loved this post! Hannah reminds me of Madi. Maybe it's being the oldest, or maybe just being a girl, but i feel life after reading this I'll be able to know what Madi's going to be like in a few years. Madi is just like me too! It really is fun (and kinda scary) having a little mini me!!

Anonymous said...

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