Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2008 New Year's Resolution

With 2008 half way over, I started thinking about how I was doing on my New Year's Resolutions. One of my goals this year was to complete all of my uncompleted crafts. I was doing really well until school started.
I finished my first one in January. I had started this cross-stitch before Kevin came home from his mission. Crazy, I know.

Marilyn bought this Christmas advent calendar for me the day Elise Flinders was born. July 29, 2005. My turn around was much better on this one. I completed it in March. Yea!!! Now we will have two Christmas decorations this year.

My Halloween witches are still a work in progress. I started this one when we lived in Hawaii. My friend Ashley and I would lay out all day at the beach and then we would watch TV (she didn't have a TV) and our husbands would study while we cross-stitched. Ohh the pre-children days... Hopefully this one will get done before the best holiday ever... HALLOWEEN!

My other New Year's Resolution is to keep the top of my fridge clean. Sometimes I don't do too well with that one.

My last New Year's Resolution, I had this one for 2007 too, is to be more eco-friendly. Now that is a pretty broad goal so I narrowed it down to bringing my own bags when I go grocery shopping. If I buy something little that will fit in my purse, I don't take a bag. It's my part in taking care of the Earth.


Artehoc said...
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Allison said...

ooooo...i wonder what that deleted comment was...hmmmm.

It's great you're finishing up some of your projects. I've been staring at ugly, naked walls in my dining room for a few weeks now. Maybe I'll find motivation to paint before the end of the summer!

Jones Family said...

The deleted comment was by some guy from Argentina. ???? whatever. I'm considering going private now.

Barbour said...

I totally did that advent calander to. I refuse to cross stitch after I did Linden's stocking. It took me three months but my patience was gone and hands for that. Hey if you get this tonight call me. Want to know if you want to bring the kids to be on tv maybe? I will be home by 9pm. 714-832-6314. Or call me at my parents by 8 949 474-8011. I will e-mail you to.

ruth said...

Why is it so hard to keep the top of the fridge clean? I struggle with that one! I too have SOOOOOO many crafts left unfinished. You have inspired me to pull them out!

heather said...

when I read this my 1st thought was "oh crap! has courtney come over to my house lately? did she look at the top of my fridge?"

a sad "no" to the first question, and a relieved "no" to the second. you would not BELIEVE all the stuff I have up there!

The Rex Family said...

He does look A LOT like his sister! So we still need to get together! I really want to take Kaile to the aquarium of the pacific this summer... have you been? There is also this really cool park in garden grove that like an "under the sea" themed park. i've never been but my sister in law says its sweet.

ash and jay said...

haven't had time to blog-stock you lately! I had to laugh when I saw all your great cross-stitch projects! The Halloween one brought back a ton of memo's. Hard to imagine those lazy days before the munchkins. Miss ya!