Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Making of a Pyro

We spent Fourth of July with my family. My dad bought a bunch of fireworks, for those of you who know my dad... I know... I couldn't believe he did that either!

Gavin loved the sparklers! His eyes got so big... Kind of ironic that he is wearing his firetruck PJs and playing with fire. Here is Gavin being "supervised" by my brother Justin. Justin broke his ankle in March. He was playing tag in the dark, stepped in a hole and fell. Cracked both bones in half, a spiral fracture for you educated people!

Hannah was a fan of the fireworks. She loves the fireworks at Disneyland so she was so excited to see the fireworks at Mamo's (my mom) house. Her face is dirty from her fudgsicle.

My sister made this crazy shirt with her friends. Notice that her right hand is over her heart... pretty cool!!!

Grayson invited his unofficial "girlfriend" over for the festivities. Kelsey fit into our family well. They are soooo cute.

Hannah and Gavin LOVED Kelsey. See Kelsey "supervising" Gavin???

My sister Lauren came over for dinner and decided to join us after her CD burning binge... Hope you have some awesome CDs Lauren.

The best part of the Fourth of July was being with my husband.

I finally found a common ground for my husband and father... they like to blow things up. Kevin had about 5 sparklers going and my dad was trying to light a sparkler off of Kevin's... Kevin lost a little arm hair in the incident. It was a good laugh... Poor Kevin, this wasn't the first incident that involved fire and hair loss for us.

See, more supervision of the 20 month old playing with fire.

By the end of the night I figured Gavin was a pro at this whole firework thing and let him go... His fire truck PJs were good luck.

Hannah was a true mini pyro.


Anonymous said...

I still have my fireworks!!! We got home so late on the 4th that we didn't have a chance to do them. HEY! When is laundry day in Burbank? We can "supervise" our kids lighting fireworks!!!

Barbour said...

Fireworks how fun. Always a hit for male bonding.

Allison said...

are you CRAZY!!!???