Sunday, July 13, 2008

Parties and Pedicures

The day started out cold and rainy. When we walked out of church it was sunny and beautiful. We spent the whole afternoon outside. I just love having a backyard. My kids love having a backyard. They rode their bikes around and I weeded. My in-laws FORCED me to weed! I'm kidding, I love to weed, it is so relaxing.
The Flinders came over for Mamo J's (Joyce) birthday. We had a good dinner. I figure I will gain about 5 pounds here, I will enjoy my two weeks of gluttony.

Hannah and Gavin LOVE their cousins. It's always so insane when they are all together.

After dinner the kids went on a ride! Steve has a trailer that attaches to his lawn mower. He drove circles around the house and front yard. The kids LOVED it.

Elise was scared of the loud noise. She just wanted to cuddle with Joyce.

This is Chaya, she is going to obedience school and needs to get used to a collar. She was possessed when we were trying to get it on her. Poor thing, I felt so bad when I was basically strangling her to get it on. I love this dog... she makes me want to get a little dog (I'm a big dog person).

Since we were celebrating Mamo J's birthday we had to have a birthday cake... she had a little help blowing out her candles. Why do kids think it's ok to blow out EVERYONE'S candles? Poor Gavin, he's trying so hard to hang with the big kids.

All the kids enjoyed the cake...

I gave Joyce a pedicure for her birthday... Hannah and Gavin wanted one too. I guess I created a pedicure beast out of Hannah! I don't know how Kevin will like his son getting a pedicure?

It was a great day in Ohio, we all miss our Daddy so much. Good luck Daddy on your test!!!!


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It looks like you guys are having a blast. Totally need to catch up when you get back.