Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ohio in the Summer

"It's like Wiz Oz!!!" (Wizard of Oz) Hannah said, as we hurried and packed up our belonging and ran to the car from the beach. As we sat on the beach at Lake Erie enjoying the kids running around and smashing other kid's sandcastles, a HUGE storm blew in. It got cold, and super windy... that's when Hannah said it was like the Wizard of Oz. We ran to the car, I watched the kids on the playground while everyone packed up their stuff. It started to pour. I mean buckets of water. I have never been in rain like that. It was straight from the movie The Notebook. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures at Lake Erie. We were there for barely 30 minutes before we left. Bummer beach day...
The day started off so beautifully. We spent the morning doing yard work. Papa Tee (Steve) mowed the lawn on his cool ride on lawn mower. I swear, he's crazy on that thing. He had it going full speed and he kind of sticks his tongue out a little because he is concentrating so much. He took a break from his hard core mowing to let Gavin have a ride. Gavin LOVED it. Hannah got a quick turn, but she was busy picking flowers with Mamo J (Joyce).

After an unsuccessful nap attempt we went to a play called "This is Kirtland." It was about the early Mormon saints. It was awesome. I was nervous to take two jet lagged non-napped kids to a play, but they were so good. I was standing in the back when it started and Kevin called me so I stepped outside for a quick second and Gavin pointed to the door, signing and saying, "more, more!!" Hannah and Gavin sat so well during the whole thing and I was actually able to enjoy it.

It was such a testimony building experience and it made me want to go home and read the Book of Mormon. At fist, the saints only had ONE book. They all desired to read it so much. It made me feel a bit guilty for not reading, but inspired me to pick up one of my several copies around the house and cherish it like they did. I didn't realize that the Kirtland temple was the first temple built and what a huge undertaking it was for the saints. Many of the men had building experience, but only in building log cabin type of homes. Joseph Smith sent Brigham Young on a mission to Canada to get some famous builder, I can't remember his name, to help them. Awesome play.

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Josh and ambyr said...

wow courtney. thanks for that. Im glad you saw that play too. hey i would love and PLEASE take pics of your house and back yard! So, any room for me when I come visit? I want to hang out SO BAD. Yes I do remember our leg work outs, and I would have to say that you were the one who kept me going because you were the goaly and needed buff legs. You look so great in your pictures You are looking so thin! Hikerumba!... ok, you know what I mean. I dont want to sound all lesbo. :) so please pics of the back yard!!!!!!!!! cant wait to hear back. ambyr oh yeah, i just got a new phone and lost all my info on my other because of it falling in the toilet again. so could you call me? leave a message? somethin! you guys look great. see ya.