Sunday, October 18, 2009

35 Weeks

I've been trying to decide what is worse... Being pregnant or having a newborn. Up until lately, I've decided I'd rather be pregnant forever than have a newborn. I'm starting to reconsider my decision as my belly gets bigger and bigger and bigger. In about a month I will be able to bend over, sleep on my stomach, and not have to pee all the time.
I've definitely started nesting these past few weeks. Starting to panic that I'm not ready for this baby to come yet.
Here you go Anie Jenkins!
I'm looking forward to:
My ultrasound on Thursday to estimate the baby's size. I'm taking the kids to it. They behave well at my appointments aside from calling my OB "Dr. Cheetos" (where do they come up with this stuff?)
My Baby Shower! I was touched when my new friends in my new ward offered to give me a baby shower. It was totally unexpected and I'm excited for all the yummy food and of course presents!!! Baby showers always have the best food!
My mother-in-law to come into town.
AND of course.... my pre-labor pedicure. The only time I DON'T feel guilty spending money on a pedicure. I think I'll get that extra 10 minute foot rub!


Anie said...

THANK YOU! :) YOu look SO GREAT! I love your cute belly! Your pregnancy has gone by so fast! I can't believe you'll be holding your new baby NEXT MONTh!

PS. HOw far do you guys live from Disneyland?? I'm trying to figure out when we'd be able to come see you guys while we're in CA.

The Rex Family said...

You look GREAT pregnant! You definately deserve a pedicure! My sister and her husband just put an offer in on a house in La Mirada... close to Rosecrans and Valley View. Probably close by you guys! Good luck these next few weeks!

Garrett and Leslie Attwood said...

Yay!!! We are 35 weeks!!! I'm so uncomfortable all the time!!! I was just complaining to Garrett today about how I hate having to get up every hour of the night to go pee. look so good!!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey Courtney! Yeah, we put an offer in right over there! It's on a street called Mansa. I'm not good with my north and south and all that bUt if you're driving down rosecrans from like bellflower area towards la mirada you would turn left on valley view then the first right is mansa. We really liked the neighborhood, at least what we saw in the 10 minutes we were over there! It's a short sale so we'll see what happens, but were really excited about it! Maybe we'll be neighbors?!? I was asking Jodi where you guys were and if you liked your ward and all would be nice to already know someone though! Keep you posted! And, you look great by the way!

KiMnRoB said...

Wow, he's due next month??
You look great Court!
And are you kidding me? How on earth do you feel guilty about getting a pedi?! You deserve at least one a month for all you do everyday!

The Peterson's said...

Yay for the pregnant picture.. Thanks Anie! Hope your all doing well, you look great!

Chelsea said...

I would rather have a newborn 100 times more than I would like to stay pregnant! Logan was such an easy baby from the start... Hopefully we are so lucky again this time.

The Elms said...

I feel ya! You look awesome!! That's so funny-- I'm always thinking about what's harder being pregs or waking up with a newborn and having a billion dirty diapers! I just pray he doesn't have colic, man I don't know if I'm equipped to deal with that! I'm thinking being pregnant is a lot easier right now, but I'm only 30 weeks--give me 5 more and I'll be questioning it too! You're almost there, enjoy your pedicure you deserve it!