Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Part of having a baby is nesting and if you are having a fall baby, nesting includes Christmas preparation! I made this rag quilt out of left over fabric from last year. So bummed that the white turned pink. Hopefully, with a couple more washes the red lint will wear off and it won't be so pink.
Here's Hannah Christmas stocking. I think I'll get her name embroidered on it and add a trim or something. I saw the fabric and knew it was perfect for her. I love the little pink snowflakes!


The Good Life said...

Wow...if I get a sewing machine will you teach me how to make wonderfully cute projects for my house and kid? Go Courtney. Everything you make is so cute.

Anie said...

Look at you Miss Crafty!!!! I LOVE all your projects! How you do it all will forever be a mystery to me. I just wished I lived closer so that we could get together and you could teach me some of your skills!

ok- so where's the belly pics?? Aren't you due NEXT MONTH!! COme ON- I want weekly updates on how you're feeling and such!