Friday, May 16, 2008

Arrrr Me Maties!

Our family went to an elementary school carnival tonight. Our good family friends, the Patricks, invited us. Julie (mama Patrick) organized the WHOLE thing. It was the most amazing school carnival ever, I didn't expect anything less from Julie. Not to mention her house is spotless. Kevin is good friends with Glen (dada Patrick) and Hannah is friends with Madilyn and McKensie (see 160 nails post).
Julie arranged for these cool face painting ladies to provide their services at the carnival. Hannah got a princess, pink, "parkely" butterfly. Gavin got a pirate face. He was so cute. We didn't get a picture of Hannah's butterfly before her major meltdown tonight, but here is Pirate Gavin.

Why is he so dang cute????


Katie Schultz said...

Thanks for posting on my blog, I too am a chronic blog hopper :). Very cute kids. Love the pirate costume. Are you Rachel's in-laws?

Luisa said...

Hey Courtney...I swear it is a small world. I mean, I already know that you guys are linked to all the Brea people--and I know we've already talked about knowing Brynn...but it is so funny that as I go on different friends blogs I see you know them too...Katie, Ruth,...that's fun that we have that connection! We should all hang out!

Cute pirate face!

Anie said...

What a cutie!! This is a great picture of Gavin! You really have become quite the blogger these days!! I am seriously impressed- a post every day!!! WOW! It was fun to read them all and get caught up!! Sorry about being such a slacker the past week! :) I promise I'll be making up for it once I get to Cali and have some more time. Right now I'm taking a quick cleaning/packing break. I can't believe that we leave on Wed. AHHHH- SO SOON and so much to do still!! We're SUPER excited though!

Josh and ambyr said...

Is that really Gavin? My gosh hes growing up so fast! He looks adorable. I love the pirate look. Keep the cute pics commin.

Aaron said...


Luisa said...

Who did you date in high school? A Ferkin? Or a Railey?