Monday, May 12, 2008

Finals and a Bowl of Cookie Dough

I did it!!! I finished all my crap for school. I was really starting to freak out that I wasn't going to get it done. The kids are napping and I made a bowl of cookie dough, sat down and finished my take-home final and my outlines for the in-class final. Accomplishments feel so good. But I do feel a bit guilty about the cookie dough. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I'm such a blogger/weirdo for taking this picture... ohh yea, I took care of those hairy eyebrows too. Thanks for all your words of encouragement.


ash said...

Mmmmm.....that cookie dough looks sooooo GOOD! Awww, that brings back memories from the good ole' HA days. 2 words for you, cookie dough and "Big, Fat Greek wedding".
Okay so more than 2 words, but good times were had!!!! Love ya and Congrats!

ruth said...

Uhhh.... didn't know you were going to school! What for? And good for you.

Beth said...

Nothing like a big bowl of cookie dough! What are you going to school for? (and when do you have the time?!!)