Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hairy Eyebrows

I actually took a second to look in the mirror at myself today. Messy ponytail, hairy eyebrows, thermal,USC sweats, and no make-up. What happened to me? I'll tell you exactly what has happened to me... finals, research papers, take home final, and all the studying that goes along with it. This past semester has really been a breeze until now. I am 2 weeks behind on Grey's Anatomy and ER. I manage to watch American Idol, but still... You would say summer is just around the corner... But I decided to take English and Food & Nutrition. They are both online so we will see how I do with that. I'm not looking forward to writing a paper every week for five weeks. Sometimes I feel I am going to be in school FOREVER!
Any messages of motivation are greatly appreciated.
Hopefully I can take care of these eyebrows!


Anonymous said...

You'll be fine. You have Kevin.

Aaron & Rachel said...

It will end I promise. I know the feeling of never ending. I thought I would be done in December, but no, I'm still without a degree.... There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, and I'm sure you'll see it soon. Just remember its worth it in the end!

Allison said...

I wanna see those hairy eyebrows!!

j/k :)

I hope you don't have to bring homework with you on vacation.

Hang in there!!

Anie said...

Yes, take care of the eye brows!! :) Once you've done that, just work like CRAZY!!!! Just think, the Jenkins arrive in less than 2 weeks!!! That should be all the motivation you need to get those papers written!!! Remind yourself that we can't hang out until your HW is done!!!! There you go.....did I motivate you???? Good luck!!! :)

Josh and ambyr said...

OMG!yAH, you do have kevin... but not enough to take care of the house cook pay attention to your kids bathe them clean up all there little messes during the day and all of there fits, not to mention going shopping to get anything you need, outings, and squeezing in homework here and there while they nap. of course theres all the nasty daipers at the most inconvenient times and even then theyre crying. church callings, working out..finding a minute to yourself..? right. So I think you look great for all the time consuming responsibilities you have. School in itself is a part time job for you. so YOU GO GIRL! You are amazing for gettin it done! suggestion: try to finish before you have 3.
I love you courtney. I have never seen you fail at anything. Just fill your mind with great thoughts and you'll go higher and higher. This too shall pass.