Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just Me and You, Hannah and Mommy!

I told Hannah that I was going to take her to Disneyland, just mommy and Hannah, no Gavin. Finally the stars aligned correctly with schedules and we set out for our adventure. When I put her car seat in the car and she got in, she was giggling! She was so excited to go. Gavin and Daddy went to the gym. Hannah kept repeating, "Just me and you, Hannah and Mommy, no boys, just two girls." It was so nice with just one kid, and not to have a stroller!!! oh divine All I brought was my pass, drivers license, and ATM card. I left everything else in the car. Our goal was to go on all the rides that we can't go on when Gavin is with us. First, we hit the Matterhorn, then ran over to Toon Town and rode the roller coaster. It's so funny to hear her scream. She puts her hands up high and just screams. The lack of lines was a plus too. We had fun driving in a car too. I was trying to teach her how to pose.

I wanted to get her a special treat so we got a Jamba! My kids love Jamba Juice. I get the power size and divide it up in three cups. I used to do two, but Gavin is a big boy and needs to have his own cup.

We had so much fun together. I can't wait until our next date.


Josh and ambyr said...

You are such a fun mom. Love ya Courtney. :)

Marbell Payne said...

Good for you to do this. What a bond for you and Hannah. Some of my favorite memories with Ems are when we had a D-land pass and went just the two of us(before the twinlets).