Sunday, May 4, 2008

"My Daddy Has Huge Muscles"

Hannah likes to talk about her Daddy's huge muscles. She shares this fact with strangers all the time. "My Daddy has big muscles," "My Daddy's muscles are huge."
It's cute, but can be embarrassing at times. Here is Daddy using his HUGE muscles.

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Josh and ambyr said...

Huge muscles? ahh yyeeaa! way to push it Kevin! :)
CA? that will be a while. I'll be up north soon, but with 3 kids? yah, it might be a while. :)
but oh me oh my I wish I can come down ASAP. so maybe I can break away for a day or so and come try to get my body boarding skills back while you surf. that'd be AWESOME! the mountains are just NOT doin it for me. what can I say? hope to see you soon.