Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grandpa's Birthday

Grandpa loves to go fishing, I thought I would make him a "fishing" birthday cake. It made me feel so good when Kevin complimented it. He said it was a great cake.

I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of the festivities. I'll ask Rachel to send me some of her pics.


The Peterson's said...

WOW! That looks really good, you did an awesome job! I might need to hire you in the future!

The Rex Family said...

That is too cute! I'll have to get some ideas from you for glenns birthday cake!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

Very cute cake. You gonna make us cake when we're in OBX?

6 more days!!

LikeAstaR said...

you are so talented!

Anie said...

WOW!!!! I am SUPER impressed!! You wanta make Madi's Birthday cake!!?!? I don't think I ever realized how incredibly talented you are!!! Lucky Grandpa!