Monday, October 13, 2008

6 Quirks

1. I clean weird places. My trashcans are always immaculate, I hate trash can gunk. I pull out my fridge about every month to clean underneath it, my toaster's crumb tray is always clean too. (Somehow the places that "matter" aren't always clean)

2. I carry a water bottle with me at all times.

3. I cut my in-laws nails and cuticles. I've been giving them pedicures for 7 years now.

4. I always have at least 4 pairs of shoes lying around the house, which drives Kevin crazy!

5. I can untie any knot.

6. I don't like stepping on manholes, or any kind of apparatus covering a hole. I had a hard time in NYC with all the subway vents.

I tag: Kevin, Stacy Peterson, Allison, and Robin Adlong


ash and jay said...

girl, you are so weird! btw, I finally posted that tag from last time! check it out.

Jay had to laugh because I wrote,"shut-up, Kevin!" And Jay said, "Oh, I remember courtney always yelled that to kevin."

Barbour said...

I clean my trash can to. It looks new and it is years old.

Robin said...

Oh no--I am not a good tagger-I always forget! Anyways, I will work on it! Hey did you ever get my email? Your kids are the cutest too! Let's play soon! PS I saw Mossy the other day

The Peterson's said...

Ohh no, do you really want to know mine!??

Anie said...

I'm with you on having a clean trash can AND always having my water bottle with me!! You know it's bad when you accidently bring your water bottle into a nice restaurant just because it's habit to always have it with you. Ya, I've done that on more than one occasion! How embarrassing!!

Garrett and Leslie Attwood said...

Ok...I have a hard time stepping on manholes too! I read a Goosebumps book when I was a kid about them and I'm always afraid they are going to collapse underneath me or something is going to come out of it...silly I know haha

heather said...

I would be SO weirded out to give my in-laws pedicures. But I'm a little jealous, Steve and Joyce are lucky to have you.