Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look Who's TWO!!!

I can hardly believe my baby is TWO!! I always get way sentimental on my kid's birthdays. I reminisce about every detail of their birth. I was induced with Gavin, right after one of Kevin's hockey games.Hannah fell in love with "her baby" instantly. She gave him her Elmo blanket. She just loved to touch his face and give him kisses.He grew so much that first year!Now that Gavin is two, he is all boy. There is nothing baby about him. He sleeps with his hockey stick and ball, he carries it everywhere with him. He loves dogs, airplanes, and sports. He is a determined, persistent, and aggressive little boy.
Happy Birthday my little man!


Allison said...

Happy Birthday, dear Gavin! Happy Birthday to you!!!

We're thinking of ya, cutie!

Sam, Lisi,
Aunt Allison,
and Uncle Scott

Anie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!!!! Hope you had an AWESOME 2nd birthday!

I had been wondering when his birthday was! I knew it was around this time!! So, when's #3 coming?!?! :)

The Peterson's said...

Happy Birthday Gavin!!

LikeAstaR said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! 2 years just flies!

Beth said...

I do the same thing with my kids birthdays! I remember every detail of their birth...and it has been a few years!

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Josh and Ambyr in Utah said...