Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dadda Hockey II

Kevin took Gavin to his first NHL game. I met Kevin and did the car seat switch, Gavin was so excited to go somewhere with just Daddy.
When they got home Gavin couldn't stop talking... using his limited vocabulary he told me he had the best time ever. He was awesome for the first period, but got a bit ansie for the rest of the game.
Ever since the hockey game Gavin has been carrying his hockey stick around everywhere... he even sleeps with it.
I let him run around the basketball court at the gym, he loves it. He just runs and runs and runs for 30 minutes straight. He even falls down like he's slipped on the ice.


Josh and Ambyr in Utah said...

OH MY GOSH!!! how cute!!!!! I hope one of my kids are so passionate about something, like little gavin,

LikeAstaR said...

HOW FUN. One on one time is so great. JJ worships his dad too.. he LOVES going to his games and yelling home run!! Or Good shot daddy! Whatever the case may be.

Luisa said...

SOOO cute...he is so adorable!
I liked reading you and Kevin's quirks too...what a nice husband for doing the tag:)

Anie said...

HOW CUTE!!!!! Like father, like son!!!