Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hannah and Gavin October 2008

I LOVE getting pictures of my kids.. I try to get them done every year.

I can't believe how grown up they are from last year!
Had to get the Halloween pictures done. Hannah is Glinda the good witch, Gavin is a pirate (obviously)
Unfortunately, I was dressing Gavin so I didn't get to be all perfectionist on Hannah's picture. Her right sleeve is driving me CRAZY!!!


Robin said...

COurt- Too cute. HOw crazy that we have kids! Is that legal?? haha. Happy Halloween!

Beth said...

Your kids are so beautiful! It is so good you get their pictures done each year...they grow so fast!

I love the costumes! Where did you find the Glinda costume? I love it, especially the crown!

heather said...

AAAHH! i would have KILLED for hannah's costume when i was here age! Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie of all time.

AubreAnn said...

OH They're getting so big and so cute

The Peterson's said...

So cute! I am glad she won with her costume! & poor Gavin, he slept the whole party!